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    How Minneapolis Firearms Weapons Defense Attorneys Can Serve You

    Owning a Firearm

    Permit to Carry a Weapon

    Permitless Weapon Possession

    Gun Trusts

    The Constitution gives people the right to keep and bear arms. However, governments, including the state of Minnesota, have substantial leeway when it comes to gun ownership and carrying restrictions. Some of these restrictions are generally accepted and others are hotly contested.

    Over the years, a complex web of laws has evolved to regulate gun ownership and carrying. At Gerald Miller P.A., we sort through this confusion, so we can give you accurate legal advice. We do more than advise clients. We also assertively represent them in court when their liberties are threatened.

    Firearms Weapons Defense Charges in Minneapolis

    Owning a Firearm

    Most people can own handguns, long guns, like rifles and shotguns, and assault-style weapons. State law imposes no ownership permit requirement, registration requirement, or ammunition purchase limit. Additionally, sales among private parties are not subject to background checks. That usually includes gun show purchases.

    A few words about firearms and Minnesota’s self-defense law from our Minneapolis Firearms Weapons Defense Lawyer. Unlike some other jurisdictions, Minnesota is not a stand-your-ground state. Defendants have a duty to retreat before using deadly force, even if that use of force is justified. Additionally, defendants must reasonably believe that deadly force is reasonably necessary to defend themselves, third person, or their property.

    Permit to Carry a Weapon

    Minnesota is a shall-issue state. If an applicant meets the minimum qualifications, authorities must issue a permit to carry a weapon. Officials cannot subjectively deny permits. However, Minnesota does have a red flag law. Officials can confiscate a person’s firearms if there is evidence that the person is a danger to society.

    In most states, owners must tell officers they are carrying a concealed weapon and they cannot carry concealed weapons in certain areas. But Minnesota has no officer notification requirement and, for the most part, private landowners cannot bar gun carriers. Certain state-owned facilities may be off-limits.

    On a related note, permit holders can carry guns in most state parks and most restaurants, provided they are not under the influence of alcohol (BAC above .04).

    Permitless Weapon Possession

    It is illegal to carry a pistol without a permit. “Carrying” usually means taking the pistol off personal property. A first offense is a misdemeanor and a subsequent offense is a felony. It is also semi-illegal to carry a weapon in a vehicle without a permit. Such behavior is only legal if the gun and ammunition are in separate, securely closed containers. Once again, a first offense is a misdemeanor and a subsequent offense is a felony.

    Related offenses include making a false statement on a permit application, illegally discharging a firearm, negligent storage, and illegal sales. Just as you would work with Drug Crime Lawyers In Minneapolis to clear charges of drug possession, you should hire a Minneapolis Firearms Weapons Defense Lawyer to deal with charges of permitless weapon possession.

    Gun Trusts

    National Firearms Act gun trusts enable people to bypass certain ownership restrictions. NFA gun trusts allow people to buy machine guns or other such collectible firearms, silencers and other attachments, and so-called “weapons of mass destruction,” like a small bomb.

    As experienced Minneapolis Firearms Weapons Defense Lawyers, we realize that Gun trusts can have more than one member. If Jose accidentally leaves his gun in his car and police officers stop his wife while she’s driving, she’s guilty of illegal gun possession. If she is a co-trustee, her unintentional possession is legal.

    Gun trusts are also private. Technically, the trust, and not the person, legally owns the firearms in the trust. Furthermore, when the settlor (person who made the trust), dies, the contents pass seamlessly and privately to the beneficiary.

    Firearms Weapons Defense FAQs

    No. Illegally possessing a firearm is like illegally possessing prescription drugs, child pornography, stolen property, or any other contraband. Illegally using a firearm, even in a situation like illegally discharging a firearm at a party, is usually a violent offense.

    All states now have concealed carry laws. Nearby Illinois was the last jurisdiction to pass a CCW law. These permit holders are immune from most gun possession prosecutions. And, prosecutors usually take mitigating circumstances into account. However, Minnesota’s CCW law does not guarantee lenient treatment.

    Overall, about a fifth of prison inmates say they had a gun when they committed their crimes. About a quarter of criminal sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, and robberies involve a firearm. Roughly two-thirds of murders involve a firearm, which is almost always a handgun.

    Most domestic assault convictions automatically bar people from owning guns. Additionally, under Minnesota’s red flag law, a misdemeanor assault or other violent misdemeanor conviction could result in the loss of gun ownership privileges.

    Admittedly, our team does not defend very many war criminals, so our expertise in this area is limited. But yes, according to our understanding, using chemical weapons is a war crime. It is also against international law to manufacture or stockpile chemical weapons.

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    Rachel Meskill
    Rachel Meskill
    16:00 20 Feb 21
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    Diane London
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    Highly recommend this firm, Cody was very proactive with my case.
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    19:52 31 Jan 21
    A couple years ago I worked with Attorney Cody Wright to fight a DWI charge. Cody was able to have all charges DROPPED! Completely dropped! His knowledge of the law was amazing, and ultimately the charges were dropped due to the officer making an unlawful stop. I wasn’t even in a vehicle, and hadn’t driven anywhere. Someone else near by had been, and the officer wrongfully approached me. It was comforting to hear Codys response to this, as well as the evidence provided. Absolutely would recommend Cody and everyone else at Gerald Miller to anyone seeking legal assistance. Wonderful people, that are very knowledgeable.

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