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Assault Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Assault is one of the most commonly charged criminal offenses in Minnesota. Assault also has some of the worst direct and collateral consequences of any criminal charge in Hennepin County.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney. Being charged with a Criminal Defense charge can carry a variety of consequences – depending on the severity of the case….


Criminal Vehicular Operation Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Section 609.2113 of the Minnesota Statutes is one of the most complex and most serious felonies in the Gopher State. This statute covers most impaired driving offenses which cause serious injury or death.


Disorderly Conduct Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Most states have a general disturbing the peace, reckless conduct, or disorderly conduct statute. Section 609.72 of the Minnesota Statutes is actually more specific than some other similar laws in other states.


Domestic Assualt Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

According to one estimate, one in four women are the victim of relationship violence at some point during their lives. Even if that statistic is inflated, there is no doubt that domestic violence is one of society’s most serious problems.


Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

The term “war on drugs” has fallen out of favor, but police officers are still very aggressive in this area, and so are prosecutors. The good news is that these charges are harder than ever for authorities to prove in court.


DWI and DUI Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota-based DWI and Minneapolis DUI Attorney. If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with DWI or DUI and need a Minneapolis…


Firearms Weapons Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

The Constitution gives people the right to keep and bear arms. However, governments, including the state of Minnesota, have substantial leeway when it comes to gun ownership and carrying restrictions.


Forgery Charges Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Many people equate forgery with a false signature on a document. But in Minnesota, this offense is much broader. Using or possessing a forged instrument is illegal.


Fraud Charges Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Fraud schemes run the gauntlet from relatively simple affairs, like credit card fraud, to multibillion-dollar Ponzi schemes. Even though they are simple, a state law conviction could mean years in prison.


Liquor Law Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Whether you operate a grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant, alcohol sales probably make up a significant percentage of your revenue. Any legal interruption, such as a claim against your license or an alleged dram shop violation, could be financially devastating.


Motor Vehicle & Auto Theft Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Auto theft is one of the most serious felonies in Minnesota. And, as outlined below, this offense is much broader in the Gopher State than it is elsewhere. In fact, in Hennepin County, auto theft is actually an umbrella term for a number of different offenses.


Robbery Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

In many courts, robbery is one of the most serious felony cases. Many judges and prosecutors believe these offenders pose a significant threat to public safety. Additionally, these infractions have a readily identifiable victim.


Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Very few offenses have as severe direct and collateral consequences as sex crimes. A conviction could mean many years in prison. A conviction could also mean long-term registration as a sex offender and a number of other issues.


Theft Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Generally, theft is taking property without the owner’s consent with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the full use and enjoyment of that property. Certain forms of auto theft, like joyriding, do not have the same intent element.


Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Traffic Violation Lawyer If you’ve recently been issued with a traffic violation ticket then you’ll know just how inconvenient they can be, not to…


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Criminal & DWI Defense Attorney

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Criminal & DWI Defense Attorney

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  • We offer you a FREE no obligation initial consultation.
  • We only practice criminal defense law. We don’t split our time working on other areas of law so that we can provide intense focus to your criminal case.
  • Our team is available to you 24/7/365. Our resources are deep and strong. We collaborate and continually draw from each other’s experience to devise the best strategy and defense for you.
  • Our seasoned team of Minneapolis assault lawyers, Minneapolis sex crimes lawyers, Minneapolis drug crimes lawyers, Minneapolis fraud lawyers, Minneapolis DWI lawyers and much more will fight hard for you and be by your side every step of the way.
  • We have decades of criminal courtroom experience and an in-depth knowledge of the legal system and Minnesota criminal law. This experience has taught us sophisticated and highly skilled courtroom tactics, as well as adept trial and negotiating skills.
  • We understand that each case and client is uniquely different. People hire us because of our knowledge of the system, and realize that it is our job to help a client navigate a difficult process. As we are preparing a case, we know what to look for in the evidence, but also realize that it is critical to listen to our clients needs. Then, only after we know our client, we can tailor make a defense unique to your case depending on the goals we have set out.
  • We will always treat you with compassion and respect. As our former clients will tell you, we are very quick and prompt in answering any questions, and will keep you informed about every step in the process. We have an appreciation for how stressful criminal charges can be, and that is why we take it very seriously to provide a calming, and honest, reassurance throughout. We consider the “service” side of our job to be as serious as anything else we do because being trusted to be someone’s attorney is a privilege.

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    Minneapolis Criminal Defense FAQs

    Cost depends on several factors, the most important of which are usually the attorney’s experience level and the severity of the offense. Experienced Minneapolis criminal defense lawyers charge more than inexperienced attorneys. Additionally, felonies usually cost more than misdemeanors, because most felonies are more complex than most misdemeanors.

    Criminal defense attorneys basically stand up for individual rights against the state. Obtaining convictions is the best way for prosecutors to move up the ladder. So, many of these individuals will do almost anything, including cheat, to convict defendants. A Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer protects your rights, such as your right to remain silent and the presumption of innocence.

    Experience, location, and commitment are usually the three best things to look for in a Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer. Experienced lawyers know how to evaluate cases and identify defenses. They also know all the written and unwritten procedural rules. Furthermore, it is much easier to work with an attorney who has an office nearby as opposed to a lawyer who is on the other side of town. Finally, for many lawyers, criminal defense is a sideshow. You need a lawyer who is committed to individual rights and committed to an effective defense.

    At the initial consultation, Minneapolis criminal defense lawyers evaluate your case, identify defenses, and answer your procedural and other questions. At a subsequent pretrial hearing, defense lawyers challenge the state’s case on legal and procedural grounds. At trial, attorneys challenge the state’s evidence, so prosecutors cannot establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Some attorneys charge by the hour. Other attorneys charge stairstep flat fees, such as X for a negotiated plea bargain, X+Y for a trial before the judge, and X+Y+Z for a trial before a jury. It is illegal for criminal lawyers to charge contingency fees. So, unless the attorney is a public interest lawyer, you will almost always pay something upfront.

    Some factors to consider in your choice include the amount of money the lawyer charges and the attorney’s track record. You probably do not want the cheapest lawyer, and you probably do not want the most expensive one either. You definitely do not want a lawyer with little or no trial experience.

    Online reviews are helpful. But anyone can write anything in an online review. Honors and awards are important too. But frequently, attorneys win these “awards” because they buy a book. Instead, finding the best criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis usually requires a personal consultation. The attorney must have a clear vision for your case and your defense.

    Most cases have either procedural or substantive defenses, and many cases have both. Procedural defenses include things like an unlawful arrest or an invalid search warrant. Substantive defenses could be affirmative defenses, such as self defense in an assault, or a lack of evidence.

    A criminal lawyer is an attorney and counsellor at law. Attorneys stand up for defendants in court. An effective defense usually hinges on thorough preparation. A lawyer is also a counsellor. That means your attorney should give you solid legal advice.

    Absolutely. There is a difference between morally guilty and legally guilty. Many people are morally guilty but not legally guilty. The state cannot prove all elements of the crime, beyond a reasonable doubt. Additionally, Constitutional rights apply to all people, whether they are “good” or “bad” people.

    Proven Lawyers, Proven Results

    See What Our Clients Say

    Ryan Opitz
    Ryan Opitz
    00:02 20 Oct 20
    Gerald did an amazing job on my case. I was looking at a mandatory of 4 years in prison with no criminal record. Jerry lead me through out the whole process and kept me very updated the whole time. He did a great job working with the courts and working out a great deal with prosecutors and my judge. I received 5 years probation with a stay of adjudication. I can now move on and not be a felon. Thank you jerry!
    Feven Hagos
    Feven Hagos
    17:55 09 Oct 20
    Kyle Dreger was such a delight to work with. During the most stressful time dealing with DWI related charges, he reassured me the ease and comfort I needed to go through the many steps in the process of receiving the most reasonable outcome. Kyle's persona is relatable and that made things less nerve-wracking to go through. Thank you!
    Thomas Bergum
    Thomas Bergum
    23:53 08 Oct 20
    Derek Dilly
    Derek Dilly
    00:31 07 Oct 20
    DOWNWARD DEPARTURE GRANTED!! Facing 7-10 years in Prison for Felony DWI & Felony Fleeing (my 7th DWI with two prior Felony DWI's), I called Gerald Miller. I have never in my life been so impressed with an attorney! This man gave me two hours of his time during our initial consultation and told others he would have to call them back when another phone line rang or his cell phone went off. Obviously being in and out of the court system for 20 years, I've called several attorneys and 99% of those calls have resulted in the attorney showing very little interest in talking to me and a "hope everything works out for you" end to the conversation once they find out you might not have enough money for them. Gerald Miller gathered all the details and told me he wanted to meet with his team before making a decision of whether or not they would take on the case. Mr. Miller called me an hour later with the good news. From this moment on, Kyler Dreger was appointed to be my personal attorney through the proceedings. And he absolutely nailed it! Obviously facing this much prison time, there were a lot of questions I had and Mr. Dreger always took the time to make sure everything was covered when I would call, email, or text him. He really took the time to get to know me and built a strong defense based on our conversations. There was a plan made and he executed it exactly as he told me he would. I've been represented by several attorneys who say they will take a certain approach and never follow through with it. Mr. Dreger educated himself on the Anxiety and Depression I had been deaing with and how I was using alcohol to treat it. He beautifully articulated my struggles in a way that I had not been able to.Having legal representation that can advocate for you in court is something I have never experienced. Painting a picture of my life, struggles, and choices since this incident was key and Kyle did it flawlessly. He was also able to argue key points in the Prosecutor's testimony that played a huge role in the sentencing. There were discrepancies he pointed out that I didn't even catch, the main one being that a previous sentence of mine was a STAYED prison sentence, not the downward depature the Prosecutor was claiming it to be. The open guilty plea allowed the Judge to use discretion for sentencing and he did so thanks to Kyle's hard work as he accurately displayed to the court who I am, not what I did. I was sentence to 60 days in jail and 120 days on house arrest. To be quite honest, the way Kyle Dreger powerfully, professionally, and emotionally defended me, it was as if he was the one facing prison time and needed the court to understand the complexity of the situation. That's how impressive this young man is! His calm approach to an aggressive Prosecutor allowed him to point out mistakes and strengthen the defense. His patience and understanding of the process is what separates Kyle Dreger from other attorneys. This man is a powerhouse attorney and this law firm will do everything they can to help you! Thank you to Gerald Miller and Kyle Dreger for allowing me this second chance in life. God Bless!!
    Nicole Mullen
    Nicole Mullen
    16:55 05 Oct 20
    Kayla Lorenzen
    Kayla Lorenzen
    20:31 01 Oct 20
    This law firm is fantastic! After looking at hundreds of reviews and talking with several attorneys, I hired Kyle Dreger to represent me in my DUI case. Kyle was caring, understanding and professional. He responded quickly to all my questions, kept me updated, listened thoroughly to my concerns/wants and fought hard for me. Kyle made this incredibly stressful process so much easier for me and we won!

    Proven Lawyers, Proven Results

    Case Results

    State V. A.D.

    County: Hennepin
    Original Charge: (F) 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Theft
    Test Result: None
    Priors: None
    Final Disposition: STAY OF IMPOSITION* on 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Theft Dismissed

    Sentence Imposed: This was a very serious charge, carrying a very serious term of jail for the client if convicted....


    State V. A.S.

    County: Washington (StillwateR)
    Original Charge: (GM) 3rd Degree DWI (Minor Child in the Vehicle)
    Test Result: 12
    Priors: None
    Final Disposition: 12

    Sentence Imposed: We were able to secure a sentence which included no executed jail, and a $300.00 Fine.


    State V. A.T.

    County: Scott
    Original Charge: (GM) 2nd Degree DWI (3 Minor Children in the Vehicle)
    Test Result: 057
    Priors: 2
    Final Disposition: (PM) Careless Driving

    Sentence Imposed: We were able to negotiate the Client’s Gross Misdemeanor charge down to a Petty Misdemeanor, which does not...


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