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State V. A.D.

This was a very serious charge, carrying a very serious term of jail for the client if convicted. Our attorneys were able to negotiate for a Stay of Imposition, and avoid any significant jail time on behalf of the Client. The client was sentenced to only 90 days of...

State V. A.T.

We were able to negotiate the Client’s Gross Misdemeanor charge down to a Petty Misdemeanor, which does not carry any jail time or probation. The client was only required to pay a $100.00 Fine.

State V. D.B.

Despite this new Felony DWI conviction, which called for a mandatory 36 month prison sentence, and at the same time also caused probation violations on two prior felony DWIs where 41 and 42 months of prison time were previously stayed, we were able (over the...

State V. D.E.

We were able to secure a stay of adjudication for 1 year, sentence which included no additional executed jail, 3 days of Sentence to Service, and only a $300.00 Fine. * Stay of Adjudication: a Defendant pleads guilty to an offense. However, the Judge does not “accept”...