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The Law Firm of Gerald Miller P. A. has helped over 10,000 people — and counting — with DWI/DUI defense matters throughout Minnesota. Everyone deserves the right to the best defense available and this is why an experienced attorney serving the Minnesota and Minneapolis area is absolutely vital.


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Criminal Defense cases can include offenses such as assault, drug crimes, weapons charges and theft. By working alongside Gerald Miller you will be able to fight the case with the upmost of confidence in getting a result that you desire.


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    • We only practice criminal law. We are able to intensely focus on your criminal case.• We have decades of experience and have represented thousands of clients. We have the knowledge and skill to give you the representation you need in your case. Our seasoned team comprises Minneapolis assault lawyers, fraud lawyers, Minneapolis sex crimes lawyers, and many more. If you have a legal issue, we will resolve it.• We will work passionately and tirelessly on your individual case. We understand that each case is uniquely different and we promise to tailor our approach to your individual needs. So, whether you hire our Minneapolis assault attorney or Minneapolis drug crimes attorney, We will fight hard for you and be by your side every step of the way.• We understand the severity of a criminal case in your life. We will not only match that level of gravity during your representation, rather we will exceed it.

    • We promise to treat your personal case with compassion and respect every step of the way. We understand that you may have fears, concerns and questions. We will listen to you and put ourselves in your shoes so that we are able to give you the best and most individualized representation possible.

    • We are a team. Are resources are deep and strong. We collaborate and continually draw from each other’s experience to devise the best strategy and defense for you.

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Success Stories

State V. A.D.

County: Hennepin
Original Charge: (F) 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Theft
Test Result: None
Priors: None
Final Disposition: STAY OF IMPOSITION* on 2nd Degree Burglary, Felony Theft Dismissed

Sentence Imposed: This was a very serious charge, carrying a very serious term of jail for the client if convicted. Our attorneys were abl...


State V. A.S.

County: Washington (StillwateR)
Original Charge: (GM) 3rd Degree DWI (Minor Child in the Vehicle)
Test Result: 12
Priors: None
Final Disposition: 12

Sentence Imposed: We were able to secure a sentence which included no executed jail, and a $300.00 Fine....


State V. A.T.

County: Scott
Original Charge: (GM) 2nd Degree DWI (3 Minor Children in the Vehicle)
Test Result: 057
Priors: 2
Final Disposition: (PM) Careless Driving

Sentence Imposed: We were able to negotiate the Client’s Gross Misdemeanor charge down to a Petty Misdemeanor, which does not carry any ...